How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney


There are many lawyers today, but not all of them are right for you. Not just because someone has a dazzling office and dazzling credentials doesn’t mean he’s the guy you need. In fact, there are quite a number of considerations you need to make before you can safely decide that this attorney was meant to be yours.

Local Is Best

The laws are the same throughout each state, but courthouse procedures can differ. For instance, one county’s DA may have a no-plea bargaining policy for a particular violation, while another county’s DA may not. Besides, local lawyers know police officers in the area and are familiar with their performance in court. A lawyer who knows exactly how things operate with your local court procedures and personnel, knows how to plan a legal strategy that is likely to give a positive outcome. This video at is a must watch.

Case-Specific Experience

If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney from, don’t settle for someone who dabbles with all fields of law. They usually have good ones though. You want someone who actually specializes in criminal law, and even sub-specializes in the particular case you have. It is totally appropriate and, in fact, necessary for you to ask about your prospective lawyer’s experience during your first meeting. Don’t hire someone who seems evasive when asked to talk about his experience. That only means one thing: they’re hiding something.


Remember that your lawyer will speak for you. He will be your representative. No matter how stellar a lawyer’s educational and professional background may be, and regardless of how highly recommended he is, you should not hire him if you do not feel comfortable with him.

What you want is an attorney with whom you can be totally at ease with as you reveal personal details about your life and your case.  Otherwise, you may hold some vital information back and that can make your case less winnable. Therefore, finally deciding to go with a certain lawyer, make sure you have a personal connection with the person as a person, not a case file.  View website here.

The initial consultation is usually for free, so meet with two or three prospective lawyers and compare them. What’s great about making comparisons is, you will actually see which attorney will shine. Of course, that’s after pre-screening each of your prospects. Aside from initial consultations being free, you will also be under no obligation to hire the lawyer, even if you have presented a significant amount of details during that meeting.

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